Steve Ibach, 68, unloads his car as he prepares to perform at Mulligans Pub for his regularly scheduled Tuesday night performance. Ibach is a local musician living in Eugene, Oregon, and has played at Mulligans Pub once a week for the past two years. Mulligans, located at 2841 Willamette Street in Eugene, is a bar and venue that hosts open mic performances in addition to scheduled shows. Ibach describes Mulligans as a neighborhood bar with a unique crowd of regulars.
 Ibach sets up his keyboard and sound equipment inside Mulligans Pub. Ibach plays several other instruments in addition to the keyboard. His preferred and primary instruments are keyboard, guitar and trombone.
 Ibach starts his Tuesday performances at 9pm and ends 12am. Receiving 20% of all sales that took place during his performance, Ibach said he will stay later if there is a decent-sized crowd. Ibach said, “It’s like a fun neighborhood bar to play at pretty much; people in other parts of town don’t go there.”
 Currently, Mulligans is the only venue Ibach performs at. He has performed at other venues in town, such as Sweet Cheeks Winery, but said he prefers Mulligans because he fits in better. He said, “Playing at Sweet Cheeks Winery was not one of those gigs I liked; I was asked to change son of a bitch to song of a gun in my song and that’s when I realized I didn’t belong there.”
 Mulligans customer Steve Chadsev puts money in Ibach’s tip jar. Ibach said of all of the venues in Eugene, he makes the most money playing at Mulligans. “I make 20% of what they sell that night on top of the tips I get.” Ibach said on a good night he can earn around $200 to $300.
 Ibach first came to Eugene from his home town in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1977. Ibach left Madison and dropped out of college so he could play with a band he had just started to play for. He said the band was successful –  and as a 14-year-old when he joined – Ibach said he was able to make a significant amount of money from his performances. “I was getting payed 15 dollars a gig at a time when minimum wage was like 60 cents an hour and a gallon of gas was 15 cents.”
 Eric Procter, left, and Denis Banks, right, bang on a table at Mulligans to the beat of Ibach’s performance. Procter and Banks are regulars at Mulligans Pub and make a point to come to the bar when Ibach performs.
 Ibach started playing music when he was 12 years old. His first instrument was the trombone, but quickly moved onto guitar the guitar by age 13. Ibach said the first time he played music in public, he played a rock song from a 1960s TV show at a Wisconsin church. However, Ibach said “The preacher was really pissed; he stopped me and said that rock music was evil.” He summarized by saying “my first time playing in public I got stopped for playing devil’s music.”
 Ibach has a few fans who regularly make an appearance during his shows. Two of Ibach’s friends and followers, Procter and Banks, will support Ibach with their own musical abilities during Ibach’s performance. Banks prefers to support with harmonica, and Procter supports with whatever’s on hand. Procter said as he pounds his fist to Ibach’s music, “Not everyone knows but one of the best instruments is this table right here.”
 From left to right, Aden Bumpas, Whitney Brooks and Steve Chadsev stand behind Ibach as he performs his guitar solo. Although Ibach is friends with several of his fans, there are some fans he said he is less than familiar with. “Most of them I don’t even know their names,” said Ibach. He said Mulligans usually attracts an interesting crowd.
 “This is just part of the show,” said Ibach as he smokes a bowl of pot during his performance break. He told of one story dating back to the 70s when he was chased by a group of people high on LSD. “I was really into Dracula at the time so I showed up to a party dressed as a vampire; they were all tripping on acid so they chased after me trying to kill me thinking I was a real vampire.”
 Ibach talks with regular customers of Mulligans in the bar’s back patio. Ibach gets a 15-minute break half way through his performance every Tuesday night. He uses this time to smoke, drink and socialize with friends and fans.
 Finished with his break, Ibach walks back into Mulligans to finish out his performance for the night. Ibach said, “I have fun playing here so I’m not going to quit until I’m either too old or not healthy enough.” The aspects of performing at Mulligans that Ibach enjoys the most are its atmosphere and people. “Everyone there seems to really appreciate what I’m doing and make it fun.”
 Steve Ibach, 68, performs live music every Tuesday at Mulligans Pub in Eugene, Oregon. Ibach has also performed at other local venues; including the Veterans Club and Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Ibach, referring to his acoustic guitar, said it was nothing special; just a “$60 piece of junk I got from a flea market.”
 Steve Ibach, 68, has been playing a musical instrument since he was 11 years old. Ibach said he took guitar lessons at first but added that he “hated the teacher so I quit and taught myself.” Ibach now performs live at Mulligans Pub in Eugene every Tuesday night.
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